Fact: The Lexus RC, with its sleek two-door coupe design, is just plain fun to drive.

And here’s a bonus for the 2016 model: Lexus owners now have an RC turbo-engine choice among the vehicle’s three engine-style options.

For those unfamiliar, turbocharger systems essentially increase an engine’s internal efficiency by forcing more air and fuel into the combustion chambers, which helps ramp up the engine’s power output.

The RC 200t engine (available as RWD only) is a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder design. It’s twin-scrolled, which basically means that the engine overcomes the design drawbacks of the more common single-scroll turbo-engine designs, giving the twin-scroll engine better combustion (which means more power), better efficiency, and quicker throttle responses at low engine revs.