Lexus 350 ES / ES Hybrid
From the world-class luxury amenities inside to the advanced innovations outside, discover what makes the ES and ES Hybrid stunning works of technology.

Redesigned Suspension: Opposite-wound front coil springs help straight-line control while rear-suspension geometry helps provide agility and overall control.

Longer Wheelbase: A long wheelbase offers a striking stance, generous cabin space and additional legroom to rear-seat passengers.

Superior Rigidity: High-tensile steel and lightweight aluminum components are paired with bracing and optimized weld points for rigidity and precise handling.

With the ability to hold more than 15 cubic feet of cargo on the ES 350 and more than 12 cubic feet on the ES Hybrid, the ES is ready whenever you are. And, whether you’re headed to the market or the airport, a concealed hinge design provides unimpeded clearance for your cargo, making it easier to load and unload.

More than 30 digital models and multiple prototypes were created and crash-tested in the development of the ES upper body. By pairing additional reinforcements with increased bracing areas, stability and handling are enhanced and the roof structure is strong enough to withstand an impact load more than three times its own weight.